“The economic crisis is unprecedented in its scale: the pandemic has created a demand shock, a supply shock, and a financial shock all at once.*”

The world seems upside down.
But retirement doesn’t have to be
Our online education session is here to help.

Complimentary Webinar:

“Retirement Strategies During Uncertain Times”

Wed., Feb. 17th at 6 pm or Thur., Feb. 18th at 3:30 pm

For attending, enjoy a $50 Gift Card - No Obligation!

Join Financial Resource Group as Robert S. Messina discusses how retirees can feel confident about their retirement, no matter what is happening in the market or in the world around us. 

In this no-cost, no-obligation webinar, we’ll discuss:

Finding Safety in a Down Economy

  • Maximizing return on your assets in a post-COVID19 economy.
  • Previously lost money in market downturns? Learn where you can find safety.
  • Political changes, a volatile market, tax law changes, inflation, a global health crisis – where to look for answers.

For Life

  • Retirement income – will you have enough? Learn strategies to generate guaranteed retirement income for life.
  • Having enough income to not only live, but maintain the lifestyle you deserve takes planning and sound financial advice. 
  • Creating an income you can’t outlive.

To Leave a Legacy

  • Learn how 401(k) and IRA Assets can be passed on to future generations, and how to lower your taxes.
  • Tax-free investing: The “do’s and don’ts” of Roth conversions.
  • With all that is going on with the economy today, planning for tomorrow isn’t getting any easier.

Tax Implications In Post-Pandemic Economy

  • Latest strategies to lower tax liability and protect your assets.
  • How will current economic conditions impact your retirement?
  • Insight to keep your retirement plans on track for success.

FREE $50 Gift Card for All Attendees

This session is offered exclusively by Financial Resource Group.

Register now to reserve your spot or call us at (949) 955-3755 to sign up. All registrants will receive an email with instructions on how to attend live on your chosen date of either February 17th or February 18th 2021. In addition, attendees will also receive a $50 restaurant gift card as a “thank you” for your time.

We can’t predict what the market or the economy will do. But, we can be prepared. Come learn how at this timely online event.

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