The New Retirement

As we are starting to emerge without masks, this week’s article discusses the ways that COVID-19 has impacted the economy and retirement. “COVID-19 has accelerated many of the trends that were already challenging the outdated study-work-retire model…” and has us rethinking retirement. If you’re feeling less secure about your finances due to the pandemic, you’re not alone. Call the team at Financial Resources Group. We’re always here to help. Click here to read the full article.

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Retirement Calculator

This week’s article includes a retirement calculator to assist you in determining whether you are successfully targeting what you need for a secure retirement. It even includes information about Social Security (which is calculated on a sliding scale based on your income) and how to allocate for a non-working spouse in your plan. Household income, the age you wish to retire at, and when you may and may not make contributions to your savings are factored in as well. We know every retirement plan is different and we’re here to help you personalize yours. Use this calculator to create your

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Limited Time Only Bonus

Did you hear? A major insurance carrier is offering a larger than ever BONUS on one of its products. It’s too good, and only offered for a limited time! Call us so we can provide you with all of the updated information. 949-955-3755 READ FULL ARTICLE

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