We’ve written about several of the increases that are happening in 2023 and thereafter, and it is important to keep them all in mind as you plan for your retirement. Since hitting a 40-year high of 9.1% in June, inflation has cooled somewhat. If that trend continues, the Cost of Living Adjustment in Social Security payments will provide an especially strong buffer against higher prices, since the benefit increase is fixed at 8.7% through 2023. Call us if you’d like assistance in reviewing your income and expenses. We may have some ideas to help increase your income that you haven’t

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When Only One Spouse Retires 

Clients are coming to us more and more frequently with questions regarding this retirement situation: Let’s say one of a couple retires, and the other continues to work. This often presents a need for rebalancing in order to better ensure that the remaining spouse is sufficiently taken care of. Call us if you are in this situation. We may have ideas you haven’t been presented with.

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fill in that gap

Women Live Longer Than Men… What Does This Mean? 

We often mention in passing that life expectancy shows that women typically live longer than men. What does that mean to you? Well, you should think about the impact it could have on your retirement savings. When one individual passes before another, but both are using the same retirement savings pool of funds, a gap is created. The individual who lived longer must then consider the impact of their reduced savings. Sometimes, you can fill in that gap by carefully deciding who owns what and who the beneficiary is to one policy or another. Call us! We can help you

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