retirement calculators

Calculators and Calculations!

This is the time year when clients begin to ask if they are on track for retirement. There are so many factors that go into answering that question, we thought to share with you several customizable calculators that will allow you to run different scenarios and discover how small adjustments could make a big difference for your retirement future. Let us know if you have any questions when you’re done using them. We may have some suggestions for how to tweak some of your planning or where to put some of your savings that will help you come up with

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outliving your retirement

The Stanford Longevity Project Looks at Annuities

This week’s article references a topic we have been reflecting on over the past few months and that is the understanding that “retirees face a number of challenges to their financial security, including living longer and facing the danger of depleting their savings too soon. The pandemic has further threatened retirement nest eggs, as a growing number of people have needed to take Social Security benefits early, before full retirement age, thus reducing those payments in the long run.” You may be interested in a study by Principal Financial Group in conjunction with the Stanford Longevity Project that discusses these

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plan ahead leave a legacy for your family

Plan Ahead

When we speak about retirement savings, we often talk about products that can provide an income stream you can’t outlive. But, what happens to your money after your lifetime? If you plan on leaving some of your retirement savings to loved ones, we have some ideas that may help. For example, you may be able to leave money to beneficiaries without tax implications. In addition, you may want to consider how the SECURE Act could impact your goals. If you have questions about how to best leave your legacy, call us. We’re here to help

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increase your portfolio

Improving Your Portfolio Return Without Increasing Risk

This week’s article tells us that retirement planning needs to change in this new year and that “it may be time to revisit traditional approaches to retirement planning. The pandemic and near-zero interest rates dramatically changed the environment”. The article continues by focusing on the goals of delaying claiming social security benefits, improving portfolio return without taking on more risk, and improving portfolio longevity. So the question is, how do you accomplish these goals? Call us if you’d like to talk about ideas we have that may help do this. We’re always here to help. READ FULL ARTICLE

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