Review Your Strategy for the New Year

Over the past few weeks we’ve made posts regarding some of the things to think about when providing for your family’s future and protecting what you’ve worked for. As we enter the New Year, there are also strategies you can think about putting in place to pass on your legacy. Just as your life changes over time, so do tax laws and regulations. It’s important to review your beneficiary designations and life insurance policies to ensure everything is up-to-date and aligned with your goals. You don’t need to have purchased these products with us. We’re more than happy to discuss

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retirement goals road map

Retirement Road Map

Take the first step to protect yourself. The pandemic has created a lot of unexpected events, has impacted the markets, and has caused each of us to adapt to the changes. Now is a good time to review how your needs may have changed and what you’ll need to adjust in the future. To get started, ask yourself if your retirement goals remain the same or if they’ve changed. Then outline where you are today. Depending on your life stages and retirement goals, you may need to account for additional risks you didn’t need to factor in before. Call us

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Stock market

Protecting Yourself From Risk

As we’ve talked about before, investment risk is a risk that everyone shares. Having a portfolio of products aligned with your risk tolerance and time horizon is important to protect against market risks. As you age, your time horizon and risk tolerance will most likely change. It is important to review the time horizon associated with each of your goals, and evaluate your true risk tolerance.  One way of evaluating your risk tolerance is the Rule of 100. The Rule of 100 can be used to determine the percentage of investments in your portfolio that should be riskier in nature.

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The Cause of Inflation

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal states “Last April, economists thought inflation would be around 2.5% right now. Instead, it’s over 6%. Even by the forgiving standards of economic forecasting, that’s a miss of epic proportions.” So, what’s the cause of this increase, and what does it mean? Some blame President Biden and the Federal Reserve for administering too much stimulus, others blame pandemic-related bottlenecks and supply chains.  However, it’s becoming clear that neither supply nor demand is individually to blame. It’s a combination of both. This inflation was caused by strong demand interacting with restricted supply.  The

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Long-term care

What Does Medicare Cover?

As a recent article indicates, Government data shows “nearly 70% of individuals who reach age 65 will need long-term care at some point.” Further, “while the median cost of an assisted living facility was $4,300 a month as of 2020, what most Seniors don’t realize is that Medicare doesn’t pay for most long-term care costs.” “It only covers 100 days of care at a skilled nursing facility, and only if it was preceded by a hospital stay of three days or more.” This was stunning to read. Even in cases where individuals have surgery, it’s rare that a hospital will

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