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Are you Ready to Retire?

If you’re able to easily determine your own retirement date, be thankful that circumstances haven’t led to that date having to change. Also, be aware that determining when to retire isn’t a simple choice. Are you sure you’re emotionally ready? You don’t want to end up regretting retiring earlier, or later, than you should’ve. Running out of money during your retirement, or not living to see your retirement at all, is a real risk when deciding when to retire.  There are certain questions you should ask yourself in order to determine whether or not you should retire yet:  Do you

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Financial Independence, Retire Early

Do you know what FIRE is? FIRE, in financial terms, stands for “Financial Independence, Retire Early.” The goal of FIRE is to save or invest enough of your money that you can retire earlier than traditional retirement plans would permit. Essentially, you need to keep your expenses low so that you can afford to save over 50% of your income. While going to this extreme isn’t something all of us can commit to, applying some of the principles of FIRE could provide an income you can’t outlive. Additionally, it can do so within a relatively short time frame. Reach out

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Will You Have to Retire Early?

“More than a quarter of all workers say COVID has prompted them to move up their retirement date,” finds a survey released in February, by the National Institute for Retirement Security. One study even suggested that nearly 2 million older workers have left the labor force for good since the start of the pandemic.  The percentage of Americans who won’t be financially secure enough to maintain their pre-retirement standard of living has also increased, from 50% to 55%, according to the Center for Retirement Research. Anxiety about these issues has been heightened by the pandemic. A survey by the National

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Financial literacy

Financial Literacy

Many consumers have little understanding of the long-term problems that poor financial decisions can create. One of the key reasons that many Americans struggle with making the right decisions when saving and investing is a lack of financial understanding.  Financial literacy is becoming increasingly important as more and more people manage their own retirement accounts, trade personal assets online, or carry various types of debt such as student loans, medical bills, and credit card debt. Credit cards are being used much more frequently, after all. A recent article states that “In 2019, credit use accounted for 24% of payments, up

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