Saving for retirement

A Simple cure for that risk

This week’s article tells us “experts want you to start saving as soon as possible, no matter what amount you can afford to put away.” The first goal is to simply get into the habit of saving for the future because the future comes sooner than you think, and “the second is to take advantage of as many compounding returns as you can: The longer your money is invested in the market—even if it’s a smaller amount—the longer it has to grow and generate increasingly larger returns.” The article also tells us “this turns most of us into market watchers.

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increase your portfolio

Improving Your Portfolio Return Without Increasing Risk

This week’s article tells us that retirement planning needs to change in this new year and that “it may be time to revisit traditional approaches to retirement planning. The pandemic and near-zero interest rates dramatically changed the environment”. The article continues by focusing on the goals of delaying claiming social security benefits, improving portfolio return without taking on more risk, and improving portfolio longevity. So the question is, how do you accomplish these goals? Call us if you’d like to talk about ideas we have that may help do this. We’re always here to help. READ FULL ARTICLE

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Causing Worry

The ongoing pandemic is causing people to worry, “whether they are approaching their retirement age or just starting out in their career – anxious about their finances, and retirement plans. This is the reason why more and more people are increasingly considering lifetime income products that are less vulnerable to factors like market volatility, retirement longevity, and challenges created by cognitive decline in order to secure their retirement income.” If you are worried and would like to learn more about these types of products, call us. We’re always here to help. Click Here to Read Full Article

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Aging is an Opportunity

Aging is an Opportunity This week’s article reminds us “silver is the new green”, and that “around the world, people are living longer as birth rates decline.” Because of this, it isn’t just public policymakers and the private business sector that must reevaluate their long-term strategies. As Seniors, we are reminded a “changing landscape offers significant rewards for those with the foresight to adapt.” Call us. It pays to think ahead, and we’re always here to help you do that. Click Here to Read Full Article

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