Prepare to Live on $33,000 a Year If You Retire With a $1 Million Portfolio

Preparing For a Reduction

A recent article tells us “People retiring in the next few decades should only count on withdrawing 3.3% of their savings a year, down from the well-established number of 4%” according to a recent report by Morningstar. Inc.  The withdrawal rate refers to how much a retiree can “safely” withdraw from their savings each year without fear of running out of money. Usually it assumes that someone will live about 30 years past retirement. Will this anticipated reduction affect you? Call us, and we can help you determine if it might be time to consider other options. Did you know

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Federal Tax Brackets

Adjusting For 2022 Tax Rules

Soon it will be time to file your 2021 taxes. But did you realize that the 2022 tax rules will “differ substantially from 2021”?  Your tax brackets will be higher, and so will your standard deduction.  There is still time to reduce your 2021 tax bill, but time is running out. Knowing the tax brackets for 2022 could help you make adjustments if you think you’ll get a large bill on your 2021 taxes. If you get hit with a big tax bill for 2021, you should consult a tax adviser about how to reduce that in 2022. It may

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