It’s That Time of Year

It’s usually around this time of year, when individuals are preparing paperwork for filing their tax returns, that we are asked what the deadlines for contributions are, and what happens if one spouse is non-working but still wants to make IRA contributions.  As a general rule, you have until tax day to make IRA contributions for the prior year. In 2024, that means you can contribute until April 15 toward your 2023 tax year limit of $6,500. You needn’t wait until the last minute, either, which means that as of January 1, 2024, you can also have your savings go

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The Busyness of Life

What does retirement really, truly mean? What are your plans for after you retire? We’ve been thinking about this recently. Many would define it as “retreating from the ‘busyness’ of life.”  When do you plan on retiring? How old will you be? How long do you think you’ll spend in retirement? Getting away from all the “busyness” costs money; you need to afford to not just support yourself but enjoy your retirement to the fullest.  Call us. We may have some ideas about where and how you can have sources of income you can’t outlive, an income stream that will

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Bridge the Gap

We’ve heard many times that it’s a good idea for retirees to put off receiving Social Security payments, as waiting can allow you to get more out of them than if you were to start as soon as age permits.  One way to make this more feasible is to include annuities in retirement strategies to create income during the interim years. Annuities are most commonly used by retirees as part of their retirement strategy because they provide a consistent, predictable income source you can’t outlive. Call us, and we can explain in more detail how this product works. We’re always

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